Sunday, February 10, 2013

Professional Learning Group - First meeting 2013

This year promises to be an exciting one for the Professional Learning Group with more and more schools thinking about Modern Learning Environments. 

Registrations are now open for the first meeting of the year- Thursday 28th February at Jasmax, 2 Marston Street, Parnell at 4.30pm

It will be a great opportunity to look around an architects space and to be able to make some links back to the types of environments we are trying to create in our schools. This meeting will be combined with a meeting of the NZ CEFPI group and will include three speakers, an educator, an architect and a researcher. 

Next on the calendar (date to be announced) is a visit to the new Hobsonville Point Primary School.
And planning ahead to Term Two - On Thursday June 6th is a workshop at the National Library focusing on the role of the library as a space in 21st C learning environments.

If you've enjoyed the PLG you might also be interested in the CEFPI conference too, coming up on 29th May at Sky City- an opportunity to visit some Auckland schools and to engage with many leading national and international experts on pedagogy and space.

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