Sunday, November 11, 2012

The PLG gets down to business!

Something a bit different for the last PLG session of the year: This time we’re heading out of the education environment and into business! We’ve talked about how technology, collaboration and the need for different types of learning settings are transforming school spaces, but what does this look like in the workplace?

So this term we’ll be meeting in the new Westpac building in Britomart, downtown Auckland on Thursday 6th December. It will be a great opportunity to look around a new workplace, complete with breakout rooms, collaborative meeting areas, watering holes and cave spaces. And it’s also going to be a great chance to network and celebrate how far we’ve come.

It was Term 2 last year that the group got going. Since then there have been a whole host of schools developing Modern Learning Environments, refurbishing and opening up existing classrooms, planning new learning spaces, and making some great discoveries about the power of collaboration. So let’s celebrate and share some of what we’ve learnt. Come along with something to share- maybe some plans, a success (or heroic failure!), some new learning, or something you’ve tried.

We'll kick of the meeting at 4.30pm with a tour around the building followed by a workshop session. Given that we’re downtown too, there’s a great opportunity for a Christmas beverage afterwards!

What's it all about?
The PLG started last year as a place for teachers to talk to teachers about learning, teaching and collaboration in modern learning environments. With many schools investigating open learning spaces, what are the opportunities and challenges that they present? What can we learn from each other about as we seek to maximise the benefits of these new spaces? The PLG provides a great opportunity to talk with other teachers and leaders who are either already in open learning spaces, are about to embark on new buildings or conversions, or simply those who share an interest. The group has grown from 10 to 50 over the year with teachers from about 30 different schools participating. 

What can you expect?
The meetings are a combination of short presentations, workshops and dialogue. There's always afternoon tea and a good opportunity to network with other teachers. They usually last about 90 minutes.

How do I get involved?
The website is now up and running with details of registration and previous meetings. It's free to come along and if you register it helps with the catering.

If you know anyone who may also be interested in getting involved in the group, please pass the details on. All are welcome.
If you have any questions. feedback or suggestions for the PLG, these are welcomed too - just email

Look forward to seeing you there.

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