Sunday, September 16, 2012

Next CEFPI site visit coming up soon

The next CEFPI NZ site visit is going to be on Monday 24th September and will be at the National Library in Auckland. If you’ve not had the chance to go there before, it’s a wonderful space housing not only a comprehensive collection of books and resources but it's an innovative learning space too. In addition it’s also home to some very forward thinkers around the concept of a library, the service a library might provide and the integration of digital materials. With so much dialogue around at present about the role of libraries it’s a timely visit.

CEFPI aims to connect architects, educators, suppliers, planners and  Ministry with the shared aim of designing great spaces for learning. The National Library is therefore a very relevant site to visit and more so for being one that falls outside the school space of learning. If you’re keen to get involved in the activities of CEFPI NZ you are very welcome to come along.

CEFPI is a young organization in New Zealand although has a strong membership across the Tasman. We’re keen to extend the membership over the next months as we head towards hosting the Australasian conference here in May 2013.

If you’re keen to get involved or would just like some further details, please come along on the 24th or email Chris

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