Thursday, May 17, 2012

CEFPI NZ visits Hingaia Peninsula School

CEFPI NZ kicked off this year’s site visits with a trip to Hingaia Peninsula School last week. It’s the most recent school to be built in Auckland and understandably generating lots of interest. It was great to see a group comprising of architects, suppliers, educators and members of the Ministry of Education New Schools team all sharing their ideas and questions.

Architect Peter Davidson and Principal Jane Danielson shared the new school journey, the design decisions and key features of the build. The site visit took in not only the learning studios but also the admin, staff areas, hall and workshop space.

Probably the key point of difference at the school are the learning studios. Designed for three teachers and seventy-five learners, they include a number of spaces for students to move into off the main studio. These spaces (described here in a previous post) offer multiple learning settings for children, and include different types and heights of seating and tables.

The CEFPI NZ group is just getting off the ground and there is certainly a lot of interest in the organization. We’re keen to grow the membership over the coming years and there are definitely plans to engage with areas outside Auckland. Details of membership and future visits will be available shortly. If you are interested in further details please email

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