Sunday, March 4, 2012

Open Learning Spaces Professional Learning Group

If you’re in the Auckland area you may well be interested in the Open Learning Spaces Professional Learning Group. The idea is to bring together teachers and leaders who are interested in open/ flexible/ innovative learning environments on a termly basis to investigate the opportunities and challenges that they present.

Each term we’re hosted by a different school with the aim of seeing how different schools are utilizing their new spaces, or how they’ve converted existing ones. We'll be kicking off the year, on Thursday March 22nd, with a visit to Freemans Bay School. They have just completed a brand new learning and teaching block and have another big building project ahead of them later this year.

So if you know teachers and leaders who might be interested please pass the details on. They might already be teaching in a modern learning environment, or just thinking about it. They might be at a school looking at rebuilding or remodeling a part of it. Or they might be in a brand new school. Alternatively, they just might be interested in coming along to find out what the talk is all about. All are welcome. It’s free to come along but if you register here, it just helps with the catering!


  1. Hi Chris, Sure wish I was closer so I could come along. I will follow from afar! I am up in Auckland for Ignition 16-17 April. Are you guys going? Would be great to catch up again.

  2. Hi there Chris, I hope you don't mind, I have just added your blog invite to the following discussion in the Virtual Learning Network groups space - Personalised Learning and Flexible Learning Spaces []

    This is such an valuable element of teaching and learning. Hopefully the post in the VLN will inspire others to join you on the 22nd March.

    1. Thanks Tessa
      Great to be sharing on the VLN. Anybody interested in the PLG is welcome to sign up.

  3. Hi Chris
    I am very keen to be involved in your group. I will be undertaking a refurbishment this year and am keen to see and learn. Your blog and invite has come at just the right time. I will be at Freemans Bay to have a look around. See you there.
    Suzanne Mariassouce
    Paerata School

  4. Hi Suzanne

    Will be great to have you involved. Look forward to meeting you. Chris