Wednesday, December 14, 2011

PLG getting organised for 2012

This year has seen the start of the open learning space plg, a place for teachers to talk to teachers about collaboration, about learning and about teaching in modern learning environments. 

With many schools investigating flexible/ open/ agile/ purposeful/ innovative (there are lots of different terminologies in use!) learning spaces, what are the opportunities and challenges that they present? What can we learn from each other about what we're discovering as we seek to maximise the benefits of these new spaces? This really is the purpose of the group.

It's been an exciting journey so far with the group growing from a couple of schools to representatives of eight schools involved. We've visited three schools so far, heard some great presentations and engaged in some stimulating dialogue. And in 2012 we're really keen to grow the plg further. 

So if you know teachers and leaders who might be interested please pass the details on. They might be already teaching in a modern learning environment, or just thinking about it. They might be at a school looking at rebuilding or remodeling a part of it. Or they might be in a brand new school. Alternatively, they just might be interested in coming along to find out what the talk is all about. All are welcome.

So please pass the details on. We'll be kicking off next year with a visit to Freemans Bay School who have just completed a brand new block and have more building ahead of them. Later in the year we hope to visit three more schools including a high school and a new school.

The website is now up and running with a few details and resources on it. You'll also find a registration page, so please sign up if you’re interested in coming along.

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