Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Open Learning Spaces-Ignite

Ignite Talk | Chris Bradbeer from Emerging Leaders on Vimeo.

Last week I had my first go at presenting an Ignite presentation as part of the Emerging Leaders Symposium. It's not easy condensing all your thinking into five minutes and twenty slides! So here's a brief look at open learning spaces and what I've discovered so far.


  1. You guys hosted a great night thanks Chris. I really enjoyed your presentation, so thanks for posting here for a second look.


  2. Chris I'm so glad you posted your talk up! Great stuff that deserves a wider audience than those who happened to be in the room.

  3. well done! thanks for sending me your blog! so happy I found it! NZ is about a year ahead of the US but with the Common Core State Standards coming....things are coming around!